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Taking back control

Updated: Feb 11

Hey there! This series is to enable you to be financially independent. I believe that financial independence is for EVERYONE! No matter how old you are or how small your income may seem, starting this journey is crucial. But what is financial independence? Financial independence implies that you have sufficient income/savings/investments to live comfortably without having to rely on active employment. Let me re-phrase it without the technical terms. Here's what financial freedom means for me: 1. If I lose my job tomorrow, I can keep-up with my lifestyle for at least 4 months. I am secure in the short-term and can take risks while I am young. 2. I don't worry about "how will I manage when I retire at 60?" I am secure in the long-term and I am ready to enjoy my sunset years. 3. I don't hold myself back from buying flowers (and I LOVE flowers!) I live in the present and don't compromise on the little things that bring my joy. All the above is truly empowering and makes me feel that I am adulting right! If you want the same for yourself, let's embark on this journey together. This series will explore the affirmations highlighted in orange in the upcoming posts. > I got Excel templates to do all the math (Those who personally know me, will vouch that spreadsheets are my saccha pyaar) > I will link additional reading material because doing your own research is very important. > I will mention my personal habits which have worked for me (I be real with you honey boo) Disclaimer Information on the website isn't financial advice or recommendation. The content is for informational purposes only, and users should seek professional advice before acting upon it.

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