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Onboarding a roller coaster

It's been 3 weeks since I quit my full-time job. For the past five years, I have prioritized KPIs and optimizing time, costs, and revenues. Going from being constantly active to a complete standstill sounded like a nightmare to me. So, I decided to revisit a 2021 project - writing.  

This section of the website is dedicated to documenting my learning curve of “how to build a personal website”. Keep reading to onboard the roller coaster. Or click here to read post 1 in this series.

0 to 1 journey

In 2o21, when I began this journey, I was super enthusiastic about it. I watched YouTube tutorials on how to write a blog, compared Wix and WordPress, and decided to write about Profit and Loss Statements (PnLs). Back then, I had completed two years at Epigamia, where my life was around PnLs. Need to discontinue a SKU? This PnL will show you which three SKUs we should cut to optimise our bottom line. Here's a channel wise PnL to determine where we should run offers. 

Since I was constantly working with PnLs, my colleagues started calling me "PnL Patel." This artwork really boosted my confidence about starting a blog on PnLs.

I wrote an introductory post and claimed it to be a *series*. A series that will teach you basics of finance, intermediate skills in financial modelling and formatting. Just one series encompassing ALL of my knowledge. I thought I was Gandalf!
One series to rule them all!

My next post was about what a PnL is and how to read one. I concluded with, "In the next post, we'll create a P&L from scratch." And that was the end of my "one mega series." All my enthusiasm vanished, and it's been 84 years since I last touched my Wix website.

Cut to 2024!

After my time at Epigamia, I joined Hunger Inc. Over the past 2.5 years, I understood the importance of planning, structure and that dumbing things down is a true super power! Now, I’m ready to channel these skills into building my website.

This section of the website is dedicated to documenting my learning curve of “how to build a personal website”. I’m committed to teaching myself everything, just as I did with Power BI back in 2019. To me, this is the best yet most frustrating way to learn—painful, but also incredibly fun.


I will document what I learn every week and link relevant resources. This section might seem random at first, but if you stick with me, you'll see my progress unfold. For now, if you click on any other page, you might find it blank or filled with some placeholder text.

If reading this made you laugh or wonder “what the heck is she up to,” then I've successfully hooked you at some stage of the marketing funnel. But seriously, if you want to hop on this roller coaster ride, send me a text, and I'll add you to my “Conversion 1: Free feedback” list.

Note to myself: To learn how to embed a call-to-action button.

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