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The number game

In the previous post, we learnt that we need to know 2 essential numbers to find the value of our emergency fund. I have a free template to help you find these numbers.

Click here to access the free template. Follow the below steps as a guide to use the template. Once you are done with the template, you will have a better understanding of your expenses. Before you start adding data, please remember the following: 1. Be honest about your expenses.

2. This exercise is for you! If you have a partner, ask them to do the exercise independently.

Step 1: Breaking down expenses In the second tab, add your monthly in-hand salary i.e amount credited to your bank account. This is the actual money that you actually have to pay for rent, groceries, shoes etc. For the expenses, the template breaks it down in the categories we learnt earlier. I have pre-filled large sub-categories as a starting point. Try to fit your expenses in these given categories only. The idea is to understand our expenses in a simple way. If you are using an expense tracker app, you can refer it while filling data in the template.

Once you have added data, head to the last tab. On the basis of your monthly "Needs", it will calculate the value of emergency fund. Our first goal is to be secure for a minimum of 3 months. How-ever our safe spot is when we have a minimum of 6 months of fund to cover us.

The yellow highlighted cells, are to be revised.

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